Kiss Me Lippies!

Hey there Fashionistas! So if you’re following me on my Instagram page then you would know that earlier this week I received a package from Live Glam, and it was the kiss me subscription box/package. If you aren’t following then what are you still doing here? It’s xoxofashionista Trust me it’s the best thing you’ll do today.

If you didn’t know already,  Live Glam is a monthly subscription site that provides three different subscription boxes. There is the Morphe Me subscription, which is all about receiving 3 to 5 different Morphe brushes every month for only $19.99 USD. There is the Kiss Me subscription, which I have signed up for, and you receive 3 different liquid lipsticks every month for only $19.99 USD as well. Last but not least there is also the Polish Me subscription, and as the name suggests its all about nail polishes! With this subscription, you get 3 different nail polish colors every month and only for (you guessed it) $19.99 USD. It’s free shipping to the U.S. and only $3.99 or $2.99 to ship internationally. They ship right to your door and you can cancel anytime, skip a month if you can’t afford it or swap out a colour that you don’t like or all three of the colours to something you like from the previous months.

Frist, off I have to say this, I love the packaging of these liquid lipsticks, I love the frosted look to these, and they are my first ever liquid lipsticks to have a frosted casing. This month’s colors are all mattes which are just up my alley so I couldn’t wait till these liquid lipsticks made their way to my doorsteps.

So my first impression on these lipsticks is that they are amazing! they glide on very smoothly and are really pigmented, for being so cheap too. They have this sweet chocolate/candy smell to them, it isn’t too empowering but you can smell it in the tube and when you first put it on your lips.

There was a minute or two of play time with them but after that, they dried down matte and did not move. They aren’t completely transfer-proof but they did last a really long time with eating and eating and yup eating. Keep in mind the texture of them is sort of almost a mouse texture so you will feel them on your lips, but that being said they are not uncomfortable to wear through out the day.

The colour that I wore was called Bea which is the first color you see swatched in the picture below. This was the perfect color for me the perfect peachy nude that you can just slap on with any look and walk out the door.

So far I’m in love with these liquid lipsticks. Each tube contains 2.8 ml of product in them, so they are a pretty decent size and with 3 new colors being shipped to you every month you’ll never run out of options or lipsticks.

I do have to say that in order to get the best results with these liquid lipsticks you do have to make sure smooth and that you have removed the dead skin off of your lips with a lip scrub. Otherwise, I do feel like it will settle into those lines and start to flack off but I will keep you updated on that.IMG_3498

From top to bottom we have Bea, and like I said this is the perfect peachy nude that will look perfect on anyone. Then we have Girlfriend, which is a vibrant fuchsia colour and this will be like you crazy wild girlfriend that looks good no matter what condition she is in (we all have one of them). Last we have Soulmate, this is a soft lavender colour which I’m still looking for the courage to rock this lip out and about, this is a very pretty colour too.

The very last colour you see is called Couture, this is my kind of red, deep, dark, and all so mysterious. I got this one for free for joining for the first time and if you are interested in joining the club (because you can never have too many lipsticks) then you can use the code: xoxofashionista to get yourself a free liquid lipstick too.

Stay tuned because I will be doing a look on the three colours that are in this month pack, so if you’re interested in something like that, then you know what to do. Also let me know what you think of this subscription site if you have already tried these out, until next time – xoxo Fashionista!

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