Nude On The Beach!

Hey there fashionistas! So recently this fashionista decided to explore her skills in the eyeshadow world. With all the eyeshadow palettes I had in my collections already, I was excited to hear about the new, the Balm Nude Beach eyeshadow palette. So I had to add this to my addiction.

Late last year the Blam finally made its way to New Zealand and the Life Pharmacy was the first place this brand landed. Recently this brand made its way to Farmers too.

First of all, I do have to say that out of the three eyeshadow palettes that this brand has come out with, this is my favorite one so far. Duly noted that I still have to try the first two that this brand came out with but for the first time seeing the three palettes my eyes got drawn to this one.

This palette is really easy to work with, you can create a day or night look depending on what mood you are in. They are easy to blend, have a range of mattes, to creams to creamy shimmers. They are pigmented, with one exception which is the shade Buff. This shadow is more on the very light pigment but also has an iridescent shift to it, (or maybe just my eyes playing with me).

I did find that these shadows did have quite a bit of a fall out to them so you do want to be careful of that, but in saying that they did perform well throughout the long day that I had. There was no melting, moving around or creasing on my lids.

I decided to go for this very simple bronzey golden look, that you see in the picture below, and if you want to know how to get this look then keep on reading.

The first thing I did was set my eye primer with the first shade called Brilliant, then I went in with the shade Bodacious for the transition shade on the crease. now one thing I learned is that you have to always try and tap off the excess of the shadow and go in with a very very light hand because again it’s very pigmented.

Then I went in with the shade Bold on the outer corner of my eyes and then swiping the leftovers across the crease lower than the first shade that I put in just to deepen that area, and then I blended that out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush just so we don’t have any hard lines.

Just make that outer corner of my eyes a little darker I decided to go in with the shade called, Brazen.

To finish off this look I added the creamy shimmery shade called breathtaking with a wet brush which I just dampened with a setting spray and dapped it onto the led. Now you don’t have to wet your brush this shadow is amazing with your brush needing to be wet but I just love doing that to most my shimmery shades.

As always leave a comment down below on what your thoughts are on this eyeshadow palette if you have tried it out yourself, or anything you would like to see, and until next time – xoxo Fashionista!


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