Double Wear!

Hey, there fashionista! it’s time to put another foundation to the test and this time I am finally going to try out the Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place.

The shades I got were 1w1 bone and 2w1 dawn because this fashionist’s skin is so confused that it can’t stick to one color and I had to mix the two to get the right shade.

First off the packaging was nice and simple I liked the frosted glass look and it’s been a while since I had a foundation feel so fancy in my hands. I also like the simple blue and gold packaging.

To begin I started off with my favorite primer yet which is the Too Faced Hangover primer on half of my face just so I can know how this foundation proforms in either case. We all know by now that I have an oily t-zone so going off the site of this brand I should be fine because it’s oil-free and it’s oil controlling.

Now I did find that I had to work a little fast on blending the foundation into my sink because it did dry quicker then I’m used to with my foundations and I did have to restart the application process. Now I don’t know if that’s my skin or the foundation or just that I’m really slow with putting on my foundation.

Throughout the day, I did have to check in a couple of times on my face because I do get a little dry wound my mouth area and it did crease and flack off on the non-primed side of my face which was interesting. The foundation also creased a little around my nose but the foundation did not get oily on my nose or forehead which was a good sign. Now the primed side performed perfectly everything was working fine, no creasing or flaking off no oily t-zone and it all held perfectly considering the weather in Auckland is like four seasons in one day.

As for it being smudge proof or won’t come off on clothes, I still need to test that theory out and will update you on that when I have more results.

I did also try this out the next day with a different primer to see how it would react. I used the Benefit the Pore fessional Matte Rescue, and to say the least I would stick to a normal primer with this foundation. I think too much oil controlling products in one face (or at least in my face) does not go together.

As usual, let me know what are your thought on this product if you have tried it out yourself, or if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see let me know in the comments section below, until next time – xoxo Fashionista!


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  1. HollyAmelia says:

    This is my favourite foundation! I got the perfect shade with hints of pink tones in it! It makes my skin so dewy and glowy! Hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

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