Summer 2017!

Hey, there fashionistas! This post has taken a long time to come and I’m sorry for the delay but its here now so hope you enjoy.

Although for many of the overseas reader’s summer has come and gone but from where I’m from the heat of the summer is still around the corner and this fashionista is so not looking forward to the heat. But that’s not what we are here for today, today we have the Jeffree Star Summer 2017 lipsticks and liquid lipsticks collection.

I have swatched and tested out all of the colors and I’m ready to give my thoughts on these products.


First up we have eight of the liquid lipsticks, and I just have to say I am living for that purple! We have from top to bottom, Butt Naked, Hunty, Family Jewels, Candyass, Calabasas, Flamboyant, Venus Flytrap, and You Better Work.

Now to people that have tried his liquid lipsticks before the formula is the same as his other one, so that means its amazing and light on the lips. All you need is one layer and you’re set to go. Of course, I didn’t expect anything less than perfect from this brand and I was not disappointed. Will I be using all of the shades in this collection all the time probably not (I’m looking at you Butt Naked and Venus Flytrap) but they can always be used as an ombré look to my lips or as an eyeliner on my lids if I wanted to go all out.

The wear time on these was excellent and even after eating a meal there was still a light hint of lipstick on my lips which was a shocker. Because I’m used to thing crumbling and falling apart on my lips after I eat. This did not crumble whatsoever which I’m super happy about.

I do have to say one negative thing about one of the liquid lipstick, and that’s the green one. It was a little on the patchy side with the first application but with the second layer it was fine so do keep that in mind if you wanted to get that color. Other than that I’m in love with these new additions to my ever-growing collection of liquid lipsticks.


Next up we have the five of the bullet lipsticks that came in this collection. From top to bottom we have, Bikini Suede, Skin Tight, Birthday Suit, Thick As Thieves, and Star Witness.

Now I am new to the billet lipstick formula from this brand so there was a little getting used to at first. I usually keep all my makeup locked away in my drawers where it’s not damp and its away from any immediate heat and its cool. When using these lipsticks I realized that if it’s not slightly warmed up on your hand or fingers there will be a little bit of a tug when you use them.

The wear time on these was pretty good, they lasted well on my lips up until I ate a burger but mind you this is a lipstick and nowhere does it say that this product will last through eating a meal but it did do well on when I was eating breakfast. So for a lipstick to me, this did really good

All in all, I did love these lipsticks and other than that slight issue, which can easily be fixed, these are amazing lipsticks and yes I’m in love and can’t wait to try more.

As always let me know what are your thoughts in the comments below if you have tried these out yourself and until next time – xoxo Fashionista!

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