Cushion Foundation!

Hey there fashionistas! Have you heard latest hype on the new cushion foundation? I might be a little late to catch up to this latest trend of beauty but it is being advertised left, right and center here in New Zealand. That’s why I thought I should try this out and see if its worth all the hype its been getting.

I ended up getting the Maybelline New York Dream Cushion. The reason why I chose a drugstore brand is that these cushion foundations have really little product in them and I feel like I could finish it really quickly. Also, I heard a couple of good things from other people on the Maybelline version, so I wanted to try it on myself.

So in the front of the product, it says the name of the brand, which is Maybelline, the name of the product, which is dream cushion, and the name of what it is supposed to be, which is fresh face liquid foundation on the go. It’s meant to be light to medium coverage, so if you want something fuller, sorry hun this is not the product for you.

I have to say it is pretty true to its name, it is a foundation on the go. The application was pretty simple, easy to blend out and fast to put on too. However, I would not recommend using the little applicator that it came with. Using that took longer to do my face. Whereas if you use a beauty blender its a lot faster and less time-consuming.

As usual, I did half of my face with primer and the other half without. The application went on the same for both sides, but since I have an oily t-zone half of my nose got really shiny really quickly, whereas the other side took five hours till it got a little shiny. I did have to touch up once on the primed side, but that is to be expected with me.

At the end of the day, other than me needing to touch up on my oily t-zone this was a pretty good foundation. It didn’t cake up anywhere or start to separate anywhere on my face, which is a bonus. So yes I love this cushion foundation, I might even try a higher-end one as well, we’ll see.

Let me know if you have tried this product yourself, or any of the cushion foundations out there, in the comments below. – xoxo Fashionista!


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