New Chi Chi!

Hey there fashionistas! From one fashionista to another we know how badly addictive lipsticks and liquid lipsticks can be. I say addictive because let’s face it, even though I don’t have a massive collection of every color out there from my favorite brands like I want. It’s still addictive enough for me to want more than what I already have. I say bad because this addiction is breaking my bank every time there is a new lipstick out from the brands I like.

Anyways you get the point.

So when I heard and saw that my favourite drugstore brand Chi Chi came out with their new Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks, I knew I had to get my hands in all the colors that they had come out with and review them for you. Here we are, I managed to get my hands on all of the twenty shades that they have. I have swatches and my favorite colors with my thoughts on their new release.

These liquid lipsticks come in a wide range of nudes, that will suit any skin tone. With the addition of a few reds, pinks and purples, to satisfy anyone who’s willing to go a little out of their comfort zone.


On the first photo from the left-hand side top to bottom we have, Take A Chill Pill, Oh Snap, Talk To The Hand, Facebook Stalker, and Miss Personality. On the second photo we have, Oh Swag Money, Fly Girl, Am I, Right Ladies, Call Me Maybe and Hashtag Whatever. The third photo we have, Heartbreaker, You Go Guuurl, Marcia Marcia Marcia, Wanna Piece Of That and Yaaaassss!. Last but not least we have, Bae, I Can’t Even, Dat Red, Maid Of Dishonour and Killin’ It.

At first, I have to say I was very excited to see Chi Chi came out with super matte liquid lipstick. Let’s face it I love their lipstick so I mean why wouldn’t I love these. Good news I do love them. they are lightweight, easy to work with and you don’t even need to keep adding layers because one layer is enough.

However, I do have to say that even with all the good points, these liquid lipsticks isn’t completely transferring proof. If you dig into a burger it will rub off on your food and you will need to reapply. So be sure to take the color you had on, with you, wherever you go.

One other thing, they do have a tiny bit of tacky/ stickiness to them around the inner parts of your lips, but it isn’t too noticeable that it would annoy you.


My favorite colors out of the colors that are out are, Oh Swag Money, Talk To The Hand, Oh Snap, Dat Red, I Can’t Even, Hashtag Whatever and Yaaaassss!. I like them all and this was really hard to pick but I went the ones I would wear the most outside.

Let me know if you have tried any of the shades below or anything from the Chi Chi brand itself, in the comments below with your thoughts on them. – xoxo Fashionistas!

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