Yes! No! And Maybe?!

Hey there fashionistas! Guess what it’s this Fashionista’s birthday! And in order to celebrate I’m going to be letting you in on my Yes, No, and Maybes on all things beauty. So keep on reading and you’ll find out my hits and misses on this wonderful journey that I’ve been taking this year so far!


My first yes is a primer that I am loving so much right now, it’s the hangover primer by Too Faced. As you would have read my previous post about this primer you know that I love it. Ever since then I’ve been reaching for it every time I’m putting makeup on for a long day at work or a long day out with my friends or family. Trust me this is an amazing plus it smells amazing too highly recommend you try this.

My next two yes products are the ABH Glow Kit by Nicole Guerriero and the Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow. As you may have read in previous posts about these products, saying that I’m in love with them is really an understatement. I want to marry these pallets. It is the best thing to have to happen to makeup since makeup was invented. So obviously these will be on my yes list.


My first two maybe products are the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealer, I’m still fifty about it. The foundation still goes a little oily on my nose but I’m sure if I find the right primer it won’t be a problem … I hope. Other than that I love the overall look to it but I haven’t been reaching for this product as much as my other foundations that’s why it is on my maybe’s. That goes the same for the concealer it still creases a bit but I’m hoping that with the right setting powder I can make it last throughout my day too.


My second maybe product is the NARS Sheer Glow foundation. I was pretty skeptical about the NARS foundation when I was reviewing it but I have to say that I’m really liking the foundation. After the first use, I started to test it out with different primers and it ended up staying on my face much longer, (yes I’ve had longer days than 11 hours sadly). Again I haven’t been reaching out for this one as much so that is why it’s on my maybe list.


My one and only product that I would have to give a no to would be the Australis Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops. I know the packaging is very nice but the product isn’t just doing it for me. Even after using it a couple of uses with different foundations it was still just looking like I just rubbed glitter all over my face. There was no dewy finish or anything near it and it just looked really bad.

Well, that’s all for this post, as usual, if you have your own experiences with these products comment down below and let me know. – xoxo Fashionista!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday!!

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    1. Thank you! – xoxoFashionista.


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