Liquid Gold!

Hey there fashionistas! It’s your girl fashionista here with another drug store makeup review. This time it’s on the Australis liquid strobe illuminating drops. They come in two different colors, gold and pink and that’s the names for each shade.

First off I wanna say I love the packaging of this product. Now, this packaging is the same one that their foundation lightener and darkner (if that’s even a word) came in, but of course with different products in them. It’s really cute and the glass bottle makes it look like something more of a high-end product which is a bonus to me.

It says you can simply drop a small amount of this illuminating liquid onto fingertips or highlighting brush and apply directly onto face, or mix into your current foundation for a subtle luminous glow.

So I have tried all the different ways I could think of under foundation, mixed with foundation, onto of foundation and on top of the powder.

I have to say I was hoping a lot from this product but it did not deliver at all. Don’t get me wrong it looked nice when applied onto bare skin with a very thin layer but that’s the only time it looked good. When I mixed it in with my foundation it didn’t give me any type of glow. It was more like I had rubbed glitter onto my face like I was doing some sort of glitter challenge or something. When I had put it on top of powder and it just looked so wrong, it moved the powder and everything that was under the powder too. Same goes for the time I put it on top of the foundation.

I’m not too sure if it was my foundation that I was using or something else but sadly I did not like this product at all even though I really wanted to like it. I will try it out with other foundations and keep you posted on how I feel about it but that’s all for now. – xoxo Fashionista!


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