Hungover Much!

Hey there fashionistas! I know this one was a long time coming, (about a whole week sorry) but here is my first impression and thought on the Too Faced Hungover primer.

So first things first, I love the smell of this primer! It’s true what they say about this primer it truly smells like coconut, and omg I am in love!

Okay now on to my first impression.

I actually love this primer other than the fact that it didn’t really help with my shiny nose problem it did keep my makeup on for the whole day. It applied so smoothly but had a bit of the tacky feeling that a good primer that would keep your makeup put as well. It gave me a nice dewy finish to my foundation and omg have I mentioned the amazing smell! Right, I have anyways I really love this primer.

Seriously if I could convince you to get one primer to try out it would be this once because it’s not only a great smelling one but it’s also real easy to put on and it glides along your face for a perfect base for your foundation too!

If you do decide to try this primer out let me know what you think of it in the comments below, until next time. – xoxo Fashionista!


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