Feeling A Little Too Faced!

Hey there fashionistas! Today’s review is on … You guessed it, the Too Faced Born This way foundation and concealer.

With the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation I have sort of a love and hate relationship, I love that with just one to two pump I can get a pretty good light to medium coverage and with just three pumps I have a full coverage foundation.

I don’t like the fact it went really oily around my nose. Now my skin type is oily to combination, so having a shiny nose comes as a nature to me with foundations, but to have a shiny nose about an hour after the application was something new and had never happened to me before.

I did have to touch it up quite a bit throughout the day, however, I did like that other then my nose shining through the rest of my face looked smooth and kept put through the day.

This is why I have a love-hate relationship, I will keep you posted on how I feel about it after a couple of other uses and maybe try it out with other primers, but that is what I think about this foundation after today.

But what about the concealer I hear you ask …

Well, I loved the dewy look that it gave my big under eyes the coverage it needed,  but it did start to crease on me after a couple hours sadly. Now I don’t know if my eyes were extra dry today or my skin just didn’t like the product, but it started to flake off and crease under my eyes like a mad house. So, so far I’m not too impressed with this concealer. I will be trying this out again to see if anything changed, but yeah so far not impressed.

So that’s it’s for this first impression like I said I will be trying these products a couple more time and let you know if I change my mind on them, but comment below if you have tried these out for yourself and what you thought of it also your skin type would help lots. – xoxo Fashionista!


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