Valourlips Mettles!


Hey there fashionistas! Today I’ll be reviewing the new Valourlips mettle liquid lipsticks!!! By Australis (well new to me and I’m finally getting to review it)! I had the luck of getting all four colours to swatch and share my thoughts with you guys.


So there are only four shades so far in this collection (that I know of) and even though this may not have the biggest range of colours I am sure there will be a colour that is right for everyone.

From top to bottom we have Ve-Nice which is this grey/pink nude, So Seoul which is a nude, Bang’Kok which is kinda like a brown/red colour and Amster-Dance which is a orange/red colour, (sorry about the swatches, I know they are not the greatest I’m learning). I have to say I was very impressed with this product. It’s very lightweight even when I had to put more than one layer on for the two colours, the darker colours, however, there was no need for more than one layer. It didn’t feel heavy or dry my lips as much as their original Valourlips liquid lipsticks do, and it still kept its metallic shine when dried.

What’s even better is the fact that not like other metallic liquid lipsticks these are actually easy on the eyes too, so perfect for people that want to try something like this out but are afraid it would be too much.

I wore the shade Bang’Kok (second to the last colour) for the whole day to see how it would wear while I ate (a lot), drank (Vanilla Coke of course)  and took on the day like I would usually.


I have to say for something I wasn’t sure that would last long on my lips, it sure did last longer than I thought. The only thing that took a good chunk of the colour from my lips was the burger that I had at lunch. It lasted my breakfast and my water/coke drinking while taking on the windy day we were having where I live, with my hair flying everywhere (yeah not a pretty site).

Overall I have to say I actually love these metallic liquid lipsticks and for the price of them, they are a pretty long lasting, easy to work with and lightweight, something I myself did not expect. I have been reaching for them for a couple of times now and I think if you’re in the market to try a metallic liquid lipstick that’s easy on the eyes and wallet or just wants to try out something new, you should definitely give these ago.

Let me know if any of you guys have tried any of these lovely shades and your own thoughts on them in the comments below. – xoxo Fashionista!

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