A Little Basic Instinct Goes A Long Way!

Hey there fashionistas! So since it’s been about a whole week of university life all over again I decided what better way to start my new week off then with a little makeover! (And I had to got to a gathering) In this look I’ve tested out the chichi basic instinct palette, the Revlon sculpt + highlight contour kit, hope you like the look. P.S. Don’t mind the bad eyeliner I was sorta in a rush!For the eyes, I went for a warm look (you can’t really tell I know I’m sorry) only using the four shades on the left-hand side of the palette because I felt very basics today. I have to say for a “drugstore” makeup brand they have really amazing stuff and this eyeshadow palette is nahthing less and is pigmented and so easy to blend (even if you are a noob like me) and it’s very easy to come up with your own combination to suit your need with this basics palette.I was unsure about the Revlon contour kit at first cause in New Zealand even tho Revlon is a drugstore brand too it’s quite pricey, but I have to say I’m glad I went and bought this item. It’s so easy and also portable pulse if you’re still trying to get in the know-how of this contouring business that was the craze of last year then this palette sets it all out for you and lets you know step by step on how to use this palette.

For the rest of the look, I went for my NARS sheer glow foundation (which I have to say is becoming my one of my favorite foundations to be using) the Mac studio fix powder. For concealer I went with my trusty chichi 3 in 1 concealer and to brighten up my under eyes I went with the Maybelline master conceal. For blusher I used the Almay smart shade, on my lips was the Maybelline color drama and for the eyeliner, I went for the Revlon color stay liquid eye pen.

So that’s all for today if you have any suggestions on what I should try next leave a comment below, until next time.  – xoxoFashionista

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