New Makeup!

Hey there fashionistas! So last year Kylie (from the Jenner family of course) came out with her first ever cosmetics range and it was her signature lip kits in three shades. Of course, I was one of the skeptical people that didn’t really think that it would be a good brand but as the year progressed I saw that she came out with more and more shades and also eyeshadow palettes and now some eye shadow brushes !!! I also saw how much she cared about the brand and what it stands for and tried to fix all the problems that came her way. So when she came out with her Christmas holiday bundles I knew I had to get me some and this is what it all looks like.

I love the formula of the liquid lipsticks it glides in so well stay on forever and probably the first ever lip product that hasn’t made the skin of my lips come off at the end of the day! And I’m very picky with the lip products that I love so this brand gets a gold star from me in this category. The eye shadow palette is super pigmented and easy to apply one thing I have to say as much I love the smoothness of the liner I don’t think I would use it a lot of the times but I still love it! The cream eyeshadows are exactly that.. creamy and are a perfect duo with the eye palette or you can use it by itself with some crisp eyeliner to go with. I also love how her lip glosses are pigmented enough to wear on its own or to bring even more pop to her already popin’ liquid lipsticks.
If any of you guys have tried anything from her brand let me know what you think and I hope you enjoyed my over-loved review on a few things from the Kylie brand…. I just can’t help it when I actually love something! If you guys want me to create a look with this collection then comment down below to let me know! – xoxo Fashionista!

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  1. Apple says:

    Would loooove to see a look with these!


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