​ A Little Review Goes A Long Way!

Hey there fashionistas during this week I did a little splurge on makeup and brought all Australis makeup that I could use on my face and since it was the first time I’m ever using this product I might as well do a little review on them!

For the primer, I used the blemish buster which had a slight blue tint to it, which I found quite intriguing at fist. It went on pretty smoothly and actually created a nice base for the foundation that was going on next.
For the foundation, I used their new Oh 2 Glow, which had a nice sorta matte finish but it wasn’t too matte that it clung on to the dry spot on the skin which was Ah-mazing!
For concealer, I used the conceal, correct 4 in 1 concealer…. Which I have to say was probably the only product I wasn’t much of a fan of it was too dry and not really co concealing anything properly sadly.
Then to set the foundation I went with their fresh and flawless pressed powder because hello I need this to last for at least 10 hours while I’m working!
For the cheeks, I choose the show some cheek blusher, which is the only blusher we have in New Zealand so I don’t know if there are different ones or not. Now I love my color so this is the perfect blusher for me because it has such a good pigment to it, just ah-mazing!
My cheeks were done but my cheekbones weren’t and to please the highlighting gawds and make them happy so I can be provided with more highlights of the world, I used two different ones from their range one was called high life highlighting powder which isn’t shown in the picture below and the other one was called highlights mineral face highlighter in pearl. That was the day the highlight gawds was shining down upon me.
For the eyeliner and mascara, I bought the duo pack that Australis does and it had the fierce eyes mascara and the normal Australis liquid eyeliner.
Last but not least for the lips I used the Australis velour lips in doo-bai which had an ah-mazing matte finish which I adore and very nice shade of red too.
And to finish it all off and set it all together I used their setting spray just for that extra bit of long wear and that was me! – xoxo Fashionista!

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