Maybelline Fit Me, Does​ It Really Fit Me?!

Hey there fashionistas! So recently I ran out of my go-to foundation from Chi Chi and I wanted to try and find something cheaper. Now I live in New Zealand so our drug store foundations still cost a bit of money sometimes the same price as American high-end beauty brands. I decided to give the Fit Me range…

Backstage With Dior!

Hey there fashionistas! First of all, I just want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read my blog posts and liked it and sometimes even commented on them. Truly means a lot to me. Today I will be going backstage with Dior for their new Dior Backstage collection. (Well most of it…

L.A. Girl PRO.coverage!

Hey there fashionistas! So recently I decided to get my hands on the L.A. Girl PRO.coverage, to see what all this hype was all about.

Hair Care Time!

Hey there fashionistas! So other than my oily combination skin I also have really bad oily roots, so lately I’ve been trying to find products to try and help me out and not make me wash my hair every second day or use dry shampoo so much.

Kiss Me Lippies!

Hey there Fashionistas! So if you’re following me on my Instagram page then you would know that earlier this week I received a package from Live Glam, and this is the review you have been waiting for.

Nude On The Beach!

Hey there fashionistas! So recently this fashionista decided to explore her skills in the eyeshadow world.

Double Wear!

Hey, there fashionista! it’s time to put another foundation to the test and this time I am finally going to try out the Estēe Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place.

Summer 2017!

Hey, there fashionistas! This post has taken a long time to come and I’m sorry for the delay but its here now so hope you enjoy.

Cushion Foundation!

Hey there fashionistas! Have you heard latest hype on the new cushion foundation? I might be a little late to catch up to this latest trend of beauty but it is being advertised left, right and center here in New Zealand.

New Chi Chi!

Hey there fashionistas! I heard that my favourite drugstore brand Chi Chi came out with their new Super Matte Liquid Lipsticks …

The Modern Renaissance!

Hey there fashionistas! that’s right you guessed it, I’m writing about my first impression on the, not so new, but new to me, Modern Renascence palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills.